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Our programs are uniquely customized around the needs of each community we serve

Educational Services
Preventative Care

Our educational team will provide an ongoing educational program for the residents, and staff. We'll focus on oral health and how it can affect the overall health of diabetics, and those with heart disease.  In addition, we'll show how improved oral care in among senior living communities can impact pneumonia rates as well.


We also provide marketing support in getting this value added service out to the families of those cared for in today's senior living communities.

Our on-site dental team will provide cleanings, exams, and digital x-rays as they develop an individualized dental care plan that can serve as a roadmap for dental health.  Our highly skilled dentists will examine all areas of the patient's mouth. They will determine those areas that require further treatment, and those areas that require monitoring.


If further treatment is needed, it will be presented to the patient, as will all anticipated fees, prior to commencing treatment.

Restorative Dentistry

Utilizing state of the art equipment, the dental service team will provide a full scope of restorative dental services (fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, extractions) in the comfort of your senior living community.  The team will return to the community on regularly scheduled intervals to complete ongoing care.

Maintenance Care

Our on site dental team will continue to cycle through the community on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the year, continuing the preventative and restorative phases of care.  In addition, the educational team will provide ongoing educational support to the residents and staff.  Special attention will be given to build awareness among new residents and their families as they move into the facility during the course of the year.

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